Casey Neistat’s “DO WHAT YOU CAN’T”

“Keep your head down, follow the rules, do as you are told, play it safe, wait your turn, ask permission, learn to compromise.” We have all heard these phrases throughout the different stages of our life. Most of us probably even grew up with them. But this is the most terrible piece of advice you can ever give a human being, yet a child. Except your life goal is to live the most ordinary, boring, uneventful, and unsatisfied life possible. Then ,congratulations, you already achieved it and this post isn’t meant for you. But for everyone else keep reading.

There are always people, the haters, the doubters, the people that just don’t believe in anyone, even themselves, who tell you that you can’t achieve something. But who are they really to tell you that you won’t achieve your dream? Who are you really to let them fill your mind with doubts and negativity? You don’t need permission from anyone but yourself. I repeat. YOU DO NOT NEED PERMISSION FROM ANYONE BUT YOURSELF. It is your life so you might as well live it the way you want it. You want to travel to a place you always wanted to visit but people say you can’t? Do it anyways. You want to move to a city to pursue your dream but people say you can’t? Do it anyways. You want to become an athlete but people say you aren’t fit enough? Train your ass off (on) and show them that you can. Silence anyone who says that you can’t do something by showing them that you did it.

You might not become the director of the next Hollywood blockbuster but you can grab a camera, shoot your own movie, upload it on YouTube and become a viral hit. You are a creator. There is nobody that tells you what you can and can’t do. Nobody that tells you what you can and can’t say. All you need is something that you want to share. Something that you want to say. The only thing that is limiting you is your imagination. But thankfully your imagination is limitless.

If you do it right, you get to live the most fulfilling, adventurous, satisfying, and happiest life you can imagine. You get to see places you have never been to. You get to do things you have never done before. You get to meet new people from places all around the world. You get to live a life that you can’t quite grasp because you are doing all the things that people say you couldn’t do. We are the new generation. We have the whole world at the tip of our fingers.

I believe in you and everything that you want to be and do. You are confident. You know yourself. You believe in yourself. You are unstoppable. I say: “You can and you are going to do everything that you want because people said you couldn’t do it! This is your chance to prove anyone who has ever doubted you, who didn’t believe in you that you are fully capable of doing it!” And as Casey said: “We are the fucking iceberg!” Now if you haven’t seen his video yet, you might as well do it right now down below.


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