5 Must Read Books While Waiting for Summer

These are my 5 must read books while waiting for warm and sunny days. Cuddle up in your home with one of these books and learn how to improve yourself and love everything that is around you. They will inspire you. They will motivate you. They will most definitely get to your heart and touch your soul.

1. The Art of Communicating – Thich Nhat Hanh


This book teaches you mindful listening and how to express your authentic and true self. Words are food. We are capable to nourish or to create pain just by the words we speak. Thich Nhat Hanh says that the most precious gift we can offer someone is our presence. People want to feel seen and heard. To receive another person’s undivided attention is so healing and validating.

2. Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert


In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert shares her wisdom and passion for creativity. If you haven’t found your passion yet, don’t worry Big Magic is exactly the book you need to read. It teaches you to live a life led by curiosity and how to express your creativity and fight your fear.

3. The Book of Awakening – Mark Nepo


This is the perfect daybook. 365 entries will provide you a years worth of wisdom and love. I hilighted almost every single page of it because it has so much to offer. Take this book with you when you travel. Read it when you are feeling lost. It is a must read.

4. The Mastery of Love – Don Miguel Ruiz


This is the book to read to shift all relationships in your life. Be it to yourself, your friends, your family,  your partner. It will give you so many “Aha!” moments. Ruiz shows us how to heal our emotional wounds, recover the freedom and joy, and restore the spirit of playfulness that is vital to loving relationships. It will teach you what love really means and why most people misunderstand love.

5. The Pilgrimage – Paulo Coelho


If you liked The Alchemist, you will absolutely fall in love with this book. It’s Coelho’s true story  of his experiences in life and his path to love and wisdom. You accompany him during his journey on the Camino de Santiago and each new page leaves you with more wisdom and inspiration.

These Books are magic. They have the power to open our minds to ways of thinking we may not have thought were possible. The best way to learn about yourself is through books. They help us to come into a place of introspection. Your dreams are limitless. Believe that you can, and you will do it. Start living a life of unconditional love and come fully into the present moment.


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