Changing Your Past

Those who are saying that we can’t change our past are just partly right. Now we all know that it is probably impossible to change what happened in our past, unless you have built a time machine that is hidden in your basement. If that is the case you should let us know asap. However, we can change how our past affects us in the present.

A lot of us are carrying the guilt of something we have done or said that we think can’t be undone. It is possible to erase that mishap of the past. The past isn’t exactly gone, it’s disguised in the present moment. After all, your suffering is still there.

The one thing you can do is to sit down, take a deep breath, and recognize that there is the presence of your suffering in your body. Then you can say something like: “I know that you are there in my body. I’m sorry I said something (or did something) that made you suffer and made me suffer. I promise that from now on, I won’t say (or do) such a thing to anyone anymore.” When you talk like that you heal the suffering of your past.

Communication isn’t static. A thought of anger and hate produced yesterday, can be neutralized by a thought of love and tolerance produced today. Using the right communication can help us heal the past, enjoy the present, and be the foundation for a better future.



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