Why I Don’t Believe in New Year’s Resolutions and You Shouldn’t Too

January 1st is now less than 24 hours away from all of us or for some is already there. I am sure there a lot of you who decided that from this day on something has to change in your life. This might be to workout more, to get rid of bad habits or to enjoy life just a little bit more. And I am telling you that most of you won’t achieve anything of what you intended to accomplish during 2017.

I believe that a lot of you use the new year as a new chance to accomplish something. So it is more of a tactic to calm yourself and get into believing that you did something and because the calendar flipped to a new year you will now magically achieve everything you want. Yeah sure. You did not make a decision to change your life, you just put the responsibility away from you and gave it to a date. Now you tell me how this date will get you your desired weight or anything else.

Instead you should realize that change is not set to a certain date. We have the chance to change daily. With every new day you get a new chance to change yourself. Try not be dependent on a certain date. When your change is depending on a certain date you will most likely not change at all. Learn to live in the moment and try to take the opportunities each day gives you if you want to change. When you actually decide to make a change in your life, whatever part in your life it might be, that is when you will pull it off.

With this words I will say good bye to all of you and to 2016. I hope that you all enjoy New Year’s Eve and will get safe into 2017. I hope that you will make use of 2017 and take every opportunity it offers you. See you all in 2017 and I am very thankful for your support and love. Let’s make 2017 great!



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