Get Ready for 2017

For most of us 2016 hasn’t been the year we hoped it would be. But fortunately the next one is just right around the corner. So get ready for 2017. Make sure you own this year and don’t let it own you.

Let 2017 be the year you learn to live brave and curious. Let 2017 be a year of growth and change. Let 2017 be a year of unforgettable, and cherished moments. This year should all be about good vibes, creating beautiful memories, coming your dreams much closer or even realizing them, getting happier and being more focused on yourself, what is good for you, and your work.

Stop being bitter about your past. Don’t let it be a year full of pain but instead a year full of joy. Forgive and forget what has happened in the past but know that everything that happened made you the person you are right now.

I want you to build stronger and deeper relationships with the people you care about and to get rid of negative people. I want you to discover who you really are and to pursue what makes you happy and to get rid of negative habits and meaningless work. I want you to smile more, to show more gratitude, and to appreciate even the little things in life and to get rid of anger, complaint, and hate.

In 2017, I hope you get rich. Not only financially rich but rich in knowledge. Rich in adventure. Rich in health. Rich in love. Rich in family. Rich in people you care about and people who care about you.

You are in complete control over how this year will turn out for you. 2017 can only be what you let it be. Let 2017 be beautiful. Let 2017 be yours. Let 2017 come, because you are most definitely ready for it!



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