Know Yourself

Not knowing who you are is devastating. But most people don’t know who they are why is that? Because we try to be like someone else, to act like someone else and be someone else. Stop trying to be somebody else. Be secure with yourself. Rely and trust on your own decisions. Know what path you want to pursuit. Listen to yourself and understand what’s right for you. You won’t find happiness until you are self-aware.

Being self-aware means being fully aware about all your flaws, weaknesses, and strengths. You may struggle to think about what you are bad at but Self-Awareness requires understanding your strengths and weaknesses and then choosing which of these paths you want to put your time and energy in. Personally I favor to just focus on my strenghts and forget my weaknesses but Self-Awareness isn’t only about going all in on your strenghts, it’s accepting all your shortcomings. Being at peace with yourself and your skills is such a important part of knowing yourself.

All your shortcomings are there for a reason. They are there to allow you to be great. You are so much better at so many things than that person you want to be. The second you accept the person you are deep in your heart, is the moment your life finds balance and starts working for you not against you.

Be yourself and know that that’s good enough.7598-o


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